August 10th
Horse Show - 9:00am
Haunted Trail
Horse Show - 9:00am

Upcoming Events

Club Meeting - 7:30pm

Bringing the horse community together!

October 31st - November 2nd 
Eastern Rowan Saddle Club is a non-profit, neighborhood friendly organization whose members (young and young at heart) are dedicated to the education of its members and community in all areas of equine activities.  Our riding activities are geared toward persons with any level of equine experience (from beginner to expert), with a family atmosphere in the spirit of good, safe fun and fellowship.

Haunted Trail

July 16th
October 24th-26th
July 13th

We would like to invite you to take a look around!  Browse our pages and see what the Eastern Rowan Saddle Club has to offer.  Do you have questions?  We love questions!  Please contact us so we can make your visit pleasant and memorable! 

Membership has perks, ya know!?  Members have access to our large facility, members also become a valuable source of input to improve our events and lastly our members are eligible to receive special pricing on stone thanks to the support of our local business Vulcan Materials!

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By clicking the link above you will be able to view miscellaneous tidbits and equine information.  The following resources are for informational purposes only.  Please consult your personal veterinarian to determine the best care for your equine.

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We have put together a list of local trails to help you plan your next adventure. 

Remember to always practice safe riding habits to ensure an enjoyable ride and safe return for both you and your equine.

Happy Trails!!