Miscellaneous Tidbits

& Useful Equine Information

Listed on this page are links to tidbits of information that have been collected from fellow horsemen & trainers that we have spoken with and known; clinics we have attended; brochures, books & magazines that we have read and items from other websites that we have visited.

If we have listed one of your quotes or articles, we thank you for your useful information and if we have offended you by listing it here, we do apologize.

Let us know and we will  remove it.  Thanks and enjoy!  Webmaster (ersclub@gmail.com)

If you have a tip you want to share or if your local farrier or vet is not listed, please take a moment to send us an email and we'll add it to the list.

Please note that the following resources are for informational purposes only.

Please consult your personal veterinarian to determine the best care and de-worming program for you & your horse in your geographical location.